On the Title

Roi-Et a.k.a. "101" is a city in the northeast of Thailand. I spent more than "One Night in Bangkok," and was on my way to Roi-Et. It wasn't my final destination in Thailand, but the place where I grew the most. I gained a tolerance for spicy food, and learned a little dialect called Essan-- a mixture of Laos and Thai. I learned that it's not the destination but the journey that matters. Just as random as my adventures were in Thailand, so is my life--it's like living in L.A. (oh by the way L.A. is another nickname for Roi-Et).

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Kerri 4.0. . . What?!

The other day I got a cardboard envelope from Santa Barbara Business College. It seemed odd because I wasn't expecting anything from them, and it wasn't big enough for a textbook. The day before that I got a mini manila envelope with my student ID card (finally, now I can get a discount at the movie theater). My curious nature got the best of me. Inside was a piece of paper. What?

After careful evaluation, ok really just looking at the 20+ point font, it was a certificate of achievemnet. What?! It was for getting a 4.0 for fall term (October -December, 10 weeks, 12 credits). I wasn't expecting any award --although a discount on tuition would be nice--but it's nice to be acknowledged. One reason I like SBBC is that they do care about my success, while it might just seem like they're in it for the money (and I'm sure that's what the business side of the administration is concerned with), the people really do care. Occasionally I'll get emails from advisors and student representatives giving me encouragement, and metaphorical "attaboys" (the little pat on the back with the person giving the pat saying "'at-a-boy" short for "that's a boy"). Going back to school has been a good experience, and I'm glad I picked a good school.

I may have shot myself in the foot with this one, by starting off with such high achievements I have nowhere to go. Blast my English skills! The first time in college I did well, I made dean's list a couple semesters, but I never got a 4.0. My final GPA was a 3.49 (I usually just say 3.5) I was so close to a 3.6/3.7 that I could've graduated Summa Cum something or other, but the last semester there were a couple classes that were unnecessarily graded subjectively (I could not figure out what the professor wanted, even after sitting down with her and going over my work, and then doing the next assignment exactly how she explained it, still not getting an A. What?!), and my  post-graduation "Education Certification Courses" brought my overall GPA down. But it's ok, a 3.5 isn't bad, and it shows that I am still teachable, which is a good trait in the job field.

The real lesson learned is going to college is easier the second time around!